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Teaching Philosophy

See the following post for a systematic breakdown of my teaching philosophy. I build my teaching approach within the parameters of constructivism [think Vygotsky and Piaget]. This involves an integrated, scaffolded, constructivist perspective on knowledge creation, where the role of the educator is that of facilitator and co-creator of knowledge. I understand knowledge creation as a variety of publicly available online activities based on content production, aggregation, and curation. The process of production, aggregation, curation intends to mimic through practice the fundamental logic of tangling with online content, and involves a layer of continuous reflection. In the context of digital media, this is a pedagogy organized around online self-driven learning, and the open source work model of release early/release often and the permanent beta.

Below you can find a prezi where I outline my teaching philosophy, as it is implemented in the digital media and communication major I curate.

Current teaching

I am a senior lecturer in digital media and communication, and teach in the Digital and Social Media major, in the School of the Arts, English, and Media at the University of Wollongong. I coordinate and teach the following subjects [2019]:

BCM112 Emergent Media

BCM114 Making Media

BCM206 Future Networks

BCM302 Advanced Digital Media Project

Lecture recordings and slides

I use prezi software for my lectures, and my visuals can be accessed on this site via the ‘lecture’ tag, or on my prezi page.

Many of my lectures are already on my YouTube channel, and my intention is to upload all lectures as I write them.

My BCM206 Future Networks lectures can be found on this playlist or, alternatively through the embed below:

My BCM114 Making Media lectures can be found on this playlist or, alternatively through the embed below:

Past teaching

In my previous academic incarnations I have also taught at Curtin University of Technology [2004-2010], and University of Western Australia [2009-2010], where I covered a wide range of subjects within digital media and communication studies. The list below includes subjects I’ve thought and coordinated before, delivered across three universities as well as partially or wholly online.

DIGC310 Digital Game Cultures

COMM1101 Human Technology: Debating Communication

MCAA104 Engaging Media

NET204 Internet Communities and Social Networks

NET206/506 Web Publishing

NET395 Network Culture and the Virtual Society

New Media Narratives 310

NET505 Current Issues and Developments in ICTs