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My name is Teodor Mitew, and this is my list of flaneur musings, in no particular order, on no particular topic. Like Scaramouche, I was born with the feeling that the world is mad, facilitated by being born in Bulgaria. I lived through and remember well communism, witnessed the birth of ‘what comes after’, and took as much as I could from the tuition.  I have far too many interests, and far too little time to indulge them all.

Intellectually, my background is in history, philosophy, political economics, and computer studies. I got my Master of Arts degree at the turn of the millenium, in the area of philosophy of history, from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. My interest in complex systems and economics on the other hand was the result of attending a series of lectures on the Austrian School in Prague, shortly thereafter. After a sojourn in the dull corporate universe during which I managed to get a Diploma in Computer Studies, I returned to academy to work on a doctoral thesis in the vague area of internet research.

I received my PhD in 2008 from Curtin University of Technology, with a thesis applying actor network theory to the formation of online publics. In the thesis I used case-studies ranging from US drones deployed in Iraq, through social rituals in online worlds such as the World of Warcraft, to new media mapping projects, online activism, baroque paintings, and the work of Gabriel Tarde and Michel Serres. Currently I am a senior lecturer in digital media and communication at the University of Wollongong, where I teach subjects across the digital humanities. As a researcher I am interested in the internet of things, object oriented ontology, and distributed content networks.

As a flaneur I am all over the place, as is only right and proper. I voraciously read a chaotic range of writings, with a pendulum of amusement generally oscillating between the fantastic and the baroque. I am passionate about medieval history and culture and I practice barefoot running.

I am also happily married and the father of a wonderful boy. I live in Wollongong, New South Wales, midway between the beach and a mountain.