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Tag: football

Back to reality

The World Cup is over, and so is semester 1 marking. But what a World Cup it was! Spain won what was rightfully theirs, Holland betrayed everything they stood for, Germany were fantastic, Maradona entertaining, Chile a pleasure to watch – all in all the best Cup I have seen so far (watched all since 1986). Back to reality. Unfortunately though, semester two is about to start soon while the next World Cup is in four years .

Barcelona vs Arsenal

I am still in mild shock after watching that game… Barcelona produced probably the best football ever in the first half, a truly enchanting performance. I am reminded of Marcelo Bielsa‘s famous words:

“Totally mechanised teams are useless because they get lost when they lose their script. But I don’t like either ones that live only on the inspiration of their soloists, because when God doesn’t turn them on, they are left totally at the mercy of their opponents.”

The thing with Barcelona is that they have struck the golden balance between the background hum of the tiki-taka system (4-3-3) and the dizzying virtuosity of the soloist (Messi).

The tiki-taka:

Some more tiki-taka: