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The theater of leaks

And so the theater continues – Julian Assange lost his plea against extradition yesterday, and although his lawyers are expected to appeal, it seems that he is heading north soon. What is truly amazing in all this is that throughout the entire odyssey (which involved a 250 000 pounds bail)  he has not been officially charged with anything – he is merely wanted for questioning, you see. It is all based on a system of arrest warrants for which the phrase ‘guilty until proven innocent’ morphs into ‘guilty because…just because’. There will be many more high moments in this court drama until, in the end, it all quietly disappears from managed perceptions.

Below is a selection of useful articles on WikiLeaks:

Cracks in the wilderness of mirrors – Pepe Escobar

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WikiLeaks vs. the Political Class: Why they hate Julian Assange – Justin Raimondo

WikiLeaks’ Marketing Strategy: A Stroke of Genius – Gary North

The moral standards of WikiLeaks critics – Glenn Greenwald


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